Our story

Brainbridge Permanent Staffing is the search and selection unit within the Brainbridge group.

For customers this means they can count on a personal approach with a direct line to the recruiter combined with the strength and the power of a large company.

Pleased to meet you,


About Us

  • Part of the Brainbridge Group
  • 15 years of experience in Business and HR
  • Strong believer in direct and personal contact
  • Large network

Our focus

  • Infrastructure
  • Security & Privacy
  • Quality & Compliance
  • IT Management (Business & Technical)
  • SAP
  • BI & Analytics
  • Testing

Brainbridge Permanent Staffing works on a no cure, no pay base and without exclusivity. We also guarantee a built-in warranty period of 3 months. To learn more on the procedures, click here

  • “Proper ICT knowledge, combined with human insights and a trustworthy assessment is what sets Brainbridge Permanent Staffing apart from all the other players in the market.” MCS
  • “I quickly felt that Ellen knew what I wanted and that trust lead to a dream job.” A candidate

Why choose Brainbridge Permanent Staffing?

  • Proven track record.
  • Our extensive experience coming from the business side helps us understanding your HR needs.
  • We combine ICT & Human knowledge.
  • Screening for personality and experience, not just a clever cv.
  • We see every candidate in person before sending them to meet a client.